Welcome to

Global Environmental and Energy Consulting Services, Inc.

Incorporated on 01 November, 2016, Global Environmental and Energy Consulting Services, Inc. (GEECS) takes pride in offering the very best and holistic services all tailored to our clients’ specific needs and valued expectations. It is a full environmental and energy firm specialized in the fields of: Environmental Assessment and Policy, Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development, Energy Access and Energy Efficiency, Climate Change, Natural Resources Conservation and Management, Environmental Education, Environmental Communication and Women Empowerment, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Eco-Tourism and Biodiversity Conservation locally, regionally and globally by providing direct technical assistance in accordance with relevant Science Areas; and Program/Project Management and Marketing.


Our Vision

The vision of the Global Environmental and Energy Consulting Services, Inc. is to    provide our clients with a world class and unparalleled environmental and energy consulting support.


Our Mission

GEECS supports its client institutions and organizations, private sector, NGOs, individuals, and other stakeholders in developing effective and innovative strategies, building capacities and executing critical work; all aimed at setting them on a path to sustainable positive changes.


Our Values

In accomplishing its mission and striving toward its vision, GEECS holds a set of values that guides its policies, services, programs, and projects. These are:

Professionalism: GEECS commits to provide reliable, on;time and courteous services for our clients and customers.

Workforce Development: GEECS commits to making its company a learning organization that attracts, develops, motivates, and retains a world class workforce.

Competitiveness: GEECS commits to champion a comprehensive policy that both maintains a favorable global environmental and energy positioning and encourages our clients to uphold the application of best practices, proven methods and approaches in all their program and/or project flagships.

Innovation and Technology : GEECS Commits to deliver technology-driven business solutions geared to building local capacities in order to enhance technology development and transfer, including hard technologies (e.g. drip irrigation, water harvesting, drought-resistant crop varieties, renewable energy technologies) and soft technologies (e.g. knowledge, systems, procedures, best practices and the like).

Best Practices Development : GEECS commits to actively participate in identifying best practices for continuous improvement.

Sustainability: GEECS commits to reduce, re-use, and recycle all internal resources, promote environmental stewardship, natural resources preservation, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Teamwork: GEECS commits to actively blend its individual talents to achieve world-class performance and services.