Sustainable Energy Development

GEECS Energy Conservation and Management is a strategic blueprint initiative intended to proactively guide energy use for all its clients in a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient manner. GEECS addresses both the supply and demand aspects of energy consumption. It provides an analysis of energy use profiles and the various procurement options, in terms of rate structures and supply contracts available to the Corporation. GEECS identifies opportunities to reduce energy consumption and realize cost savings through the implementation of low cost operational initiatives and cost effective capital retrofits.


GEECS’s wide range of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Renewable energy and all kinds of energy technologies (small, medium to large hydropower , solar, wind and geothermal energy);
  • All ranges of electricity applications from Grid-Connected to Mini-Grids and Stand-Alone Systems;
  • Energy smart and modern distribution systems towards Low to Zero Carbon;
  • Development of conducive environments to enhance private and public sector engagement (strengthening policy and regulatory frameworks, PPP, PPA, BOT, BOO, etc.);
  • Development of policies to encourage public private sector partnerships in renewable energy development, deployment and diffusion;
  • Support our clients in their efforts to invest in endogenous scientific skills, technologies, and innovation capacities to harness and deploy the available renewable energy options; and
  • Encourage Integrated Collaborative Regional and International Sustainable Energy Research and Development (R&D) programs amongst universities, research institutions, non-governmental and governmental institutions/agencies.