Environmental Assessment

Environmental assessment (EA) is a systematic process designed to identify and predict the potential impacts of human activity on the biophysical and human environment. It also functions as an environmental management tool to identify measures to avoid, mitigate or compensate for those effects. EA is intended to be an iterative process to follow‐up to projects post implementation to determine actual environmental outcomes, interpret and communicate information about those outcomes and investigate opportunities for improved project environmental performance.


GEECS ’s wide range of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist our clients in carrying out timely and high quality environmental assessments;
  • Provide support in the development and the testing of innovative strategies, standards or approaches for the conduct of environmental assessments geared towards the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in decision-making;
  • Encourage actions that promote sustainable development;
  • Promote communication and cooperation between all involved stakeholders including the Indigenous people (Aboriginal peoples in North and South Americas and others) as per the United Nations’ definition;
  • Ensure projects and sub-projects carried-out in Canada or anywhere else around the world do not cause significant adverse environmental effects outside their jurisdictions;
  • Ensure there is an opportunity for public consultation throughout the environmental assessment process;
  • Compile, analyze and synthesize available information and knowledge to assist our large spectrum of clients in looking at methodological options and factors for considering alternative means in project EA;
  • Propose ways to avoid or mitigate predicted impacts, monitor the success of both the predictions and the measures to avoid or mitigate the impacts and respond to the monitoring results; and
  • Support an evaluation and refinement of current impact prediction methodologies and development of additional ones.